Chiropractor Care

Dr. Andrew McManus

Dr. Andrew McManus believes in a wholistic approach to rehabilitation and treatment. This involves working closely with you to develop an evidence-based treatment plan that combines assessment, hands-on manipulation, education and exercise to achieve your goals. 

Dr. Andrew will spend 60 minutes with you during your initial assessment and a minimum of 20 minutes with you during follow up appointments. Above all, Dr. Andrew feels that lasting changes cannot be achieved without this time invested. Our goal is to equip you with tools, and provide treatments that will lead to your independence, restoration of function, and reduction of pain.

Dr. Andrew combines patient education with therapies such as shockwave, manual therapy, medical acupuncture and exercise in his treatments. This is because he feels that using a variety of the tools available help to provide the best evidence supported approach to managing pain, injury, and recovery. 

Whether your goal is to return to work, complete a marathon, start a new sport, pick up a grandchild, or shovel snow pain free, Dr. Andrew is here to find the cause of the problem and help resolve the issue.

Education and Background

Dr. Andrew McManus was born and raised in London, Ontario. He completed his undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics before graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadain Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC). Following this, he has returned to London to support and serve the community he calls home. Additionally, Dr. Andrew is certified in Acupuncture from the McMaster University Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program.


Dr. Andrew is active in the community as the Head Coach at London Ski Club Racing. Additionally, he road bikes with the London Centennial Wheelers group. Outside of the clinic Dr. Andrew believes in fostering a love of sport and cycled across Canada in 2015 to raise money for youth sport participation.